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what is the best level to find diamonds in 1.20


In Minecraft version 1.20, also known as the Caves & Cliffs update, the best level to find diamonds remains the same as in previous versions. Diamonds are most commonly found between levels 5 and 12 in the game. This means that mining at these depths will give you the highest chance of encountering diamond ore blocks. It is important to note that diamonds can still be found at other levels, but the probability decreases significantly outside of this range.

To increase your chances of finding diamonds, it is recommended to mine at level 11. This level provides a good balance between avoiding lava lakes, which are more common at lower levels, and maximizing the chances of finding diamond ore. Additionally, using efficient mining techniques such as strip mining or branch mining can help cover more ground and increase the likelihood of stumbling upon diamonds. It is also worth considering enchanting your tools with Fortune, as this enchantment can increase the number of diamonds dropped when mining diamond ore.

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