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$7.5m funded Concrete Protocol: Revolutionizing On-Chain Credit



We’re excited to unveil Blueprint Finance and its bold mission to reshape on-chain credit and debt management. Backed by influential investors including Hashed, Tribe Capital, and Portal Ventures, Blueprint Finance introduces its flagship product, the Concrete Protocol.

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Designed specifically for on-chain debt and credit, Concrete Protocol offers higher yields, robust liquidation protection, and cutting-edge predictive capabilities across various DeFi sectors, starting with money markets.

The Evolution of DeFi

Born amidst the FTX crisis of 2022, Blueprint Finance witnessed the resilience of on-chain systems and identified the necessity for a more resilient and capital-efficient DeFi ecosystem. With lending emerging as a dominant use case within DeFi, there’s a clear parallel to traditional financial markets, where generating working capital is paramount.

However, existing DeFi money markets lack adequate risk mitigation strategies, leaving protocols vulnerable to bad debt and users susceptible to liquidation during market volatility.

Concrete: Empowering On-Chain Debt & Credit

Credit has long been the missing piece in on-chain finance, and Concrete Protocol aims to fill that void by offering a native base protocol for generating credit products and derivatives tailored for DeFi participants. With its innovative Probability Engine, Concrete Protocol calculates and issues unique protection agreements, shielding users from liquidation risks during market fluctuations. Modular in design, the Probability Engine can be seamlessly integrated into partner protocols via the upcoming SDK, ensuring widespread accessibility.

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Who Are They?

They are a globally distributed team of passionate builders with extensive experience in both traditional finance and crypto. With backgrounds spanning from Point72 to Polkadot, we’re committed to advancing the landscape of on-chain finance.


We’re proud to announce $7.5 million in funding, led by Hashed and Tribe Capital, with support from industry leaders like SALT, Kyber, and Hypersphere. This funding underscores the confidence in our vision to revolutionize on-chain finance.

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