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what is the best fishing rod in terraria


In Terraria, there are several fishing rods available, each with its own unique features and benefits. The best fishing rod in Terraria is often considered to be the Golden Fishing Rod. This rod is obtained by completing 30 Angler quests, which can be quite time-consuming. However, the Golden Fishing Rod has the highest fishing power in the game, making it easier to catch rare and valuable fish.

Another top-tier fishing rod in Terraria is the Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole. This rod is obtained by completing 25 Angler quests and has the second-highest fishing power in the game. It also has a unique feature that increases the chance of finding crates while fishing, which can provide valuable loot and resources.

Lastly, the Hotline Fishing Hook is another excellent fishing rod in Terraria. It is obtained by fishing in the Underworld and has the third-highest fishing power. What sets this rod apart is its ability to fish in lava, allowing players to catch unique and valuable fish found only in the fiery depths of the Underworld.

Ultimately, the best fishing rod in Terraria depends on personal preference and the specific goals of the player. The Golden Fishing Rod is often considered the ultimate goal for dedicated anglers due to its high fishing power. However, the Sitting Duck’s Fishing Pole and Hotline Fishing Hook offer unique features that can be advantageous in certain situations.

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