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what is the best definition of a blitzkrieg


A blitzkrieg is a military tactic that was developed and used by the German army during World War II. The term “blitzkrieg” translates to “lightning war” in English, which accurately describes the nature of this strategy. It involves a rapid and overwhelming attack that aims to quickly and decisively defeat the enemy.

In a blitzkrieg, the attacking force utilizes a combination of highly mobile and heavily armed units, such as tanks, aircraft, and infantry, to swiftly penetrate the enemy’s defenses. The goal is to create chaos and confusion among the enemy forces, disrupting their ability to effectively respond and coordinate a defense. The attacking force seeks to exploit weaknesses in the enemy’s lines and rapidly advance deep into their territory, often bypassing strong defensive positions. This strategy relies on speed, surprise, and the element of shock to achieve its objectives.

Overall, a blitzkrieg is characterized by its fast-paced and aggressive nature, aiming to achieve a swift victory by overwhelming the enemy with a concentrated and coordinated assault. It revolutionized warfare during World War II and had a significant impact on military tactics and strategies in subsequent conflicts.

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