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what county is loudonville ohio in?


Loudonville, Ohio is located in Ashland County. Ashland County is situated in the northeastern part of Ohio and is bordered by several other counties including Richland County to the east, Holmes County to the south, and Wayne County to the west. The county seat of Ashland County is Ashland, which is located about 15 miles southeast of Loudonville.

Loudonville is a small village within Ashland County and is known for its scenic beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. It is home to the Mohican State Park, which offers hiking trails, camping areas, and a scenic river for canoeing and kayaking. The village is also known for its historic downtown area, which features charming shops, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts. Overall, Loudonville is a peaceful and picturesque community located within Ashland County, Ohio.

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