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what county is west sacramento ca in?


West Sacramento is located in Yolo County, California. Yolo County is situated in the Central Valley region of California and is bordered by the Sacramento River to the east. West Sacramento is the largest city in Yolo County and is located just across the river from the state capital, Sacramento. The city is connected to Sacramento by several bridges, including the iconic Tower Bridge. West Sacramento is known for its diverse community, vibrant arts scene, and proximity to major attractions such as the California State Capitol and the Golden 1 Center.

Yolo County, where West Sacramento is located, offers a mix of urban and rural areas. The county is known for its agricultural industry, with vast farmlands and orchards producing a variety of crops. In addition to its agricultural heritage, Yolo County is home to several universities and research institutions, including the University of California, Davis. The county also boasts a rich cultural scene, with numerous art galleries, theaters, and museums. With its convenient location and diverse offerings, West Sacramento and Yolo County provide residents and visitors with a unique blend of urban amenities and natural beauty.

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