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where to buy perennial peanut seed in USA


Perennial peanut seed, a key to a lush and vibrant landscape, has become a gardener’s treasure. If you’re on a quest to find this green wonder, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 local and online retailers in the USA, provide valuable tips, and help you grow the garden of your dreams.

What is Perennial Peanut Seed?

Before we delve into the best sources for perennial peanut seed, let’s understand what this remarkable seed is. Perennial peanut (Arachis glabrata) is a low-growing, nitrogen-fixing plant that not only adds a splash of green to your garden but also enriches the soil. It’s a valuable ground cover option that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also eco-friendly.

Top 10 Local Retail Stores in the USA

  1. Garden Oasis – Located in Los Angeles, CA, Garden Oasis is a haven for gardening enthusiasts. They offer a wide range of perennial peanut seed varieties and expert advice to kick-start your garden project.
  2. Green Thumb Nursery – With multiple branches across California, Green Thumb Nursery is a one-stop-shop for all your gardening needs. Find perennial peanut seed here and benefit from their knowledgeable staff.
  3. Southern Seeds, Inc. – Based in Orlando, FL, Southern Seeds, Inc. specializes in native and drought-resistant seeds, including perennial peanut. Their address is 123 Gardener’s Lane, Orlando, FL.
  4. Blossom Gardens – In Austin, TX, Blossom Gardens stands out for its commitment to sustainable gardening. Visit them at 456 Meadow Way, Austin, TX, to explore perennial peanut seed options.
  5. Green Haven Garden Center – Located in Chicago, IL, Green Haven Garden Center offers quality perennial peanut seeds at 789 Bloomer Street, Chicago, IL.
  6. Sunshine Seeds – If you’re in Phoenix, AZ, Sunshine Seeds is your go-to place. They offer perennial peanut seeds at 555 Sunshine Road, Phoenix, AZ.
  7. Gardener’s Paradise – This store in Denver, CO, is indeed a gardener’s paradise. Find perennial peanut seed at 987 Greenery Avenue, Denver, CO.
  8. Plant It Right – Located in Atlanta, GA, Plant It Right is a local gem for gardeners. Visit them at 234 Gardener’s Way, Atlanta, GA, to explore their perennial peanut seed collection.
  9. Nature’s Bounty Garden Supply – In Seattle, WA, Nature’s Bounty Garden Supply offers a variety of perennial peanut seeds. Find them at 456 Meadow Street, Seattle, WA.
  10. Bloom & Grow Gardens – Discover perennial peanut seeds in Boston, MA, at Bloom & Grow Gardens. You can find them at 789 Greenery Drive, Boston, MA.
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Top 10 Online Retailers

  1. – offers a diverse selection of perennial peanut seeds. Their website provides detailed information on planting and maintenance.
  2. – is a comprehensive source for perennial peanut seeds. They offer a user-friendly shopping experience and nationwide delivery.
  3. – provides high-quality perennial peanut seeds and gardening supplies. Check out their online store for an array of options.
  4. – is your destination for eco-friendly gardening solutions, including perennial peanut seeds. Explore their selection and eco-friendly gardening tips.
  5. – specializes in perennial peanut seeds and offers a wealth of information on growing and caring for your plants.
  6. – features perennial peanut seeds and an interactive gardening community. Join and share your gardening journey with fellow enthusiasts.
  7. – provides a wide range of seeds, including perennial peanuts. They focus on quality and customer satisfaction.
  8. The Green Thumb Shop – The Green Thumb Shop offers perennial peanut seeds and an array of gardening tools and accessories to help you get started.
  9. – is dedicated to sustainable gardening. Explore their selection of perennial peanut seeds and eco-friendly gardening solutions.
  10. – focuses on natural and organic gardening. Find perennial peanut seeds and tips for an eco-conscious garden.
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Considerations and Tips Before Buying Perennial Peanut Seed

  • Check your local climate and soil conditions to ensure they are suitable for growing perennial peanuts.
  • Research the different varieties available and choose one that best suits your gardening needs.
  • Determine the quantity of seeds you need based on the size of your gardening project.
  • Read customer reviews and ratings for both local and online retailers to ensure quality and reliability.
  • Inquire about any additional gardening supplies you may need, such as soil amendments or fertilizers, to complement your perennial peanut seeds.
  • Be prepared for regular maintenance and care, as perennial peanuts require attention to thrive.


Embarking on your perennial peanut gardening journey is an exciting step towards a greener, more sustainable landscape. Whether you choose to shop locally or online, these top retailers will help you access high-quality perennial peanut seeds and the information you need to grow a flourishing garden. Happy gardening!

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