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what is the best dragon in dragon city


In Dragon City, there are many different dragons with unique abilities and strengths. The best dragon ultimately depends on the player’s strategy and preferences. However, one dragon that is often considered one of the best is the High Celestial Dragon. This dragon has a high base attack power and can learn powerful moves such as Celestial Light and Divine Light, making it a formidable opponent in battles. Additionally, the High Celestial Dragon has a unique ability called Celestial Aura, which increases the damage dealt by all dragons on the player’s team. This makes it a valuable asset in team battles and can greatly enhance the overall strength of the player’s dragon team.

Another dragon that is highly regarded in Dragon City is the Pure Titan Dragon. This dragon has an incredibly high base health and defense, making it a tank-like dragon that can withstand heavy attacks from opponents. The Pure Titan Dragon also has access to powerful moves such as Titan’s Wrath and Pure Light, which can deal significant damage to enemy dragons. Furthermore, the Pure Titan Dragon has a unique ability called Titan’s Shield, which reduces the damage taken from all attacks. This ability, combined with its high health and defense, makes the Pure Titan Dragon an excellent choice for players who prioritize defense and durability in battles.

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