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what is the best class in aqw


The best class in AQW (AdventureQuest Worlds) is subjective and can vary depending on personal playstyle and preferences. However, there are a few classes that are widely regarded as some of the strongest and most versatile options in the game.

One of the top classes in AQW is the “Void Highlord” class. This class is known for its high damage output and excellent survivability. It has a variety of powerful skills that can deal massive damage to enemies, as well as provide healing and defensive buffs to the player. The Void Highlord class also has a unique mechanic called “Void Aura,” which allows players to stack damage over time effects on enemies, further increasing their damage potential. Overall, the Void Highlord class is a popular choice for players who enjoy dealing heavy damage and being able to withstand tough battles.

Another highly regarded class in AQW is the “LightCaster” class. This class is known for its versatility and utility in both solo and group play. LightCasters have a wide range of skills that can deal damage, heal, and provide support to allies. They also have a unique mechanic called “Radiant Empowerment,” which allows them to increase their damage output and healing abilities as they continue to use their skills. The LightCaster class is often considered a top choice for players who enjoy a well-rounded class that can excel in various situations.

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Ultimately, the best class in AQW will depend on individual playstyle and preferences. It is recommended to try out different classes and experiment with their abilities to find the one that suits your preferred style of gameplay.

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