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what is the best ball in idle breakout


The best ball in Idle Breakout is subjective and depends on the player’s strategy and playstyle. However, there are a few balls that are commonly considered to be strong choices.

One popular choice is the Fireball. The Fireball has a high damage output and can quickly destroy blocks, allowing players to progress through levels faster. It also has a special ability that sets blocks on fire, causing them to take additional damage over time. This can be particularly useful in later stages where blocks have higher health.

Another strong option is the Multi-Ball. As the name suggests, the Multi-Ball splits into multiple balls upon hitting a block, increasing the number of balls in play. This can lead to a higher rate of block destruction and faster progression. Additionally, the Multi-Ball has a special ability that increases the number of balls it splits into, further enhancing its effectiveness.

The Laser Ball is also a popular choice among players. It has a laser beam that can pierce through multiple blocks, allowing for efficient block destruction. The Laser Ball’s special ability increases the damage of the laser beam, making it even more powerful. This ball is particularly effective in levels with dense block formations.

Ultimately, the best ball in Idle Breakout depends on the player’s strategy and preferences. Experimenting with different balls and their abilities can help players find the ball that suits their playstyle and maximizes their progress in the game.

Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor
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