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what county is radford va?


Radford, VA is located in Montgomery County. Montgomery County is situated in the southwestern part of the state of Virginia. It is bordered by Pulaski County to the west, Floyd County to the east, and Giles County to the south. The county seat is Christiansburg, which is located about 10 miles northeast of Radford. Radford is a small independent city within Montgomery County, and it is located along the New River. The city is known for being home to Radford University, a public university that offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Montgomery County is a picturesque area with a mix of rural landscapes and small towns. It is known for its natural beauty, with the New River and the Blue Ridge Mountains providing stunning views and recreational opportunities. The county has a diverse economy, with industries such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture playing important roles. In addition to Radford University, the county is also home to Virginia Tech, a major research university located in nearby Blacksburg. Overall, Montgomery County offers a high quality of life with its scenic surroundings, educational institutions, and economic opportunities.

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