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Top 20 Unique Gifts for Writers: Surprise Them Now!


Best Unique Gifts for Writers

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a writer in your life? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 unique gifts that will surprise and delight any writer. Whether they are a seasoned author or just starting their writing journey, these gifts are sure to inspire and enhance their creativity.

Finding the right gift for a writer can be a challenge. You want to choose something that is not only thoughtful but also practical and meaningful. That’s why we have curated this list of unique gifts that are specifically tailored to the needs and interests of writers.

Unique Gifts for Writers

From personalized leather journals to writer’s retreat experiences, there is something for every writer on this list. These gifts go beyond the typical pen and notebook and offer a unique and memorable way to show your appreciation for their craft.

So, if you’re ready to surprise and delight the writer in your life, keep reading! Our list of 10 unique gifts for writers in 2023 is sure to inspire you and help you find the perfect gift that they will cherish for years to come.

1. Personalized Leather Journal

A personalized leather journal stands as a meaningful and practical gift option for writers. Beyond offering a durable canvas for their thoughts and ideas, it adds a unique touch by allowing customization with their name or initials engraved on the cover.

Renowned for their enduring charm and sturdiness, leather journals become enduring treasures for writers. The supple leather cover introduces an element of sophistication and grace, elevating the writing experience. With the choice between lined and blank pages, writers can opt for tidy organization or unrestrained creativity. Some leather journals even include extra features like pen loops or bookmarks, enhancing their convenience.

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Beyond its utility, a personalized leather journal carries profound sentiment. It signifies the effort invested in selecting a gift that mirrors the writer’s personality and passions. As a cherished possession, it demonstrates care and dedication, lasting through the years. Regardless of whether the recipient is a professional writer or an avid thought-crafter, a personalized leather journal offers an enduring and thoughtful source of inspiration. If you seek an exceptional and sentimental gift for a writer, the personalized leather journal is an inspired choice.

2. Writer’s Retreat Experience

A writer’s retreat is an exceptional gift, offering an unforgettable experience. Writers escape routines for a tranquil haven, like woodland cabins or coastal cottages. These getaways provide solitude for focused work amidst stunning landscapes. Cozy writing spaces, comfy chairs, and inspiring views encourage seamless creativity. Retreats often include gourmet meals, yoga, and nature walks.

Writers' Retreats: Literary Cabins, Creative Hideaways, and Favorite Writing Spaces of Iconic Authors

Yet, the real treasure lies in connections and the break from daily life. Writers of all levels unite, sharing work, gaining feedback, and sparking fresh inspiration. Detached from responsibilities and digital distractions, writers explore thoughts and emotions for impactful writing.

In sum, a writer’s retreat kindles creativity fosters connections, and propels literary journeys. Whether novice or veteran, it nurtures determination and inspiration for the elevated craft.

3. Literary Subscription Box

Gift writers and book lovers a continual source of inspiration with literary subscription boxes. These carefully curated packages deliver a monthly array of books, writing prompts, bookmarks, and other literary delights. From classics to contemporary fiction, there’s a box for every preference.

The thrill lies in the surprise – each month introduces new treasures, expanding horizons by unveiling fresh authors and genres. Moreover, these subscriptions offer a sense of belonging, connecting recipients through online book clubs and forums. Whether seeking feedback or camaraderie, writers find a community to share their passion.

In summary, literary subscription boxes are the ultimate gift for writers, delivering regular doses of creativity and community. Ideal for novices and pros alike, these boxes provide the tools and motivation to fuel every writing journey.

4. Typewriter-Inspired Keyboard

Experience the nostalgia of typewriters with a modern twist through a typewriter-inspired keyboard, an ideal gift for writers. This keyboard seamlessly blends the timeless typewriter design with modern tech advancements. Its round, mechanical keys deliver satisfying tactile feedback while retaining the traditional typewriter layout. Even in dim environments, the backlit keys ensure easy typing.

Qwerkywriter S Typewriter Inspired Retro Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard with Tablet Stand

What sets this keyboard apart is its wireless functionality, connecting flawlessly to computers and tablets via Bluetooth. The absence of messy cords offers writers greater flexibility in positioning, catering to those who prefer versatile workspaces. Beyond aesthetics, this keyboard boasts practicality with its durable mechanical keys, promising years of comfortable typing. Compatible with Mac and Windows systems, it accommodates a variety of devices.

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Moreover, the typewriter-inspired keyboard serves as a captivating conversation starter, inviting engaging dialogues about the fusion of writing, technology, and tradition. Whether an established writer or an aspiring novelist, this keyboard bridges the allure of the past with modern efficiency, making it a thoughtful and unforgettable gift for any writer’s journey.

5. Writer’s Block Buster Kit

Introducing the Writer’s Block Buster Kit – a dynamic solution for writer’s block. Tailored to ignite creativity, it’s an ideal gift for wordsmiths.

Crafted to dispel creative frustration, it offers diverse tools. From prompts to exercises, it’s a comprehensive arsenal to break writer’s block.

Writer´s Workbook

A standout is a prompt collection, jumpstarting ideas and flow. The kit goes beyond with techniques, easing self-doubt and tension. Tailored for writer’s block’s facets, it empowers writers.

It’s more than practical – it’s thoughtfulness and care. A commitment to their journey, it’s a resonating gift and an indispensable tool.

In summary, the Writer’s Block Buster Kit is a cherished gift. It equips me with inspiration to conquer blocks and rediscover my writing passion. For all writers, it’s a valuable companion.

6. Book Embosser

Here’s a cool idea: gift writers a book embosser. This nifty tool lets them add a personal touch to their book collection. It’s handheld and lets them create custom designs or messages on book covers. They can emboss their name, a favorite quote, or even a special logo.

But it’s not just practical; it’s stylish too. The embosser adds a touch of sophistication to their bookshelves, helping them create a unique library that reflects their taste. Whether they’re an author or a book lover, this embosser is a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift.

Book Embosser by StampBoss, Custom Made with Your Choice of Design. from The Library of, Personalized Gift. Add Gold foils

Using the embosser is easy. They pick a design or message, press the embosser on the cover, and voilà—an elegant raised impression appears on the book. It makes their books look even better and shows off their writing dedication.

And guess what? The embosser is perfect for crafting personalized gifts for fellow writers too. With a special touch, they can add a message or design to a book, creating a heartfelt gift that’s sure to be treasured.

So, if you’re looking for a standout gift for writers, this book embosser is a winner. It lets them put their stamp on their book collection, whether they’re seasoned authors or avid readers. It’s a smart and meaningful gift that’ll stand the test of time.

7. Writer’s Desk Organizer

A cluttered desk can stifle a writer’s creativity and focus. To address this, a writer’s desk organizer emerges as an ideal gift choice. Beyond maintaining a tidy workspace, it ensures convenient access to vital writing tools. This organizer often boasts compartments for pens, paper clips, sticky notes, and even dedicated spaces for notebooks, enabling seamless idea capture.

Best Unique Gifts for Writers

Moreover, personalization options, like style alignment or engravings, lend a unique touch. Besides functionality, these organizers often boast stylish designs, elevating the desk’s aesthetic. Ultimately, a writer’s desk organizer proves both a practical and considerate gift, enhancing productivity and workspace appeal.

8. Literary Candles

Looking for a cool gift idea for your writer buddy? Check out these literary candles—funky scented ones inspired by famous authors and their stories. These candles totally amp up the creative vibes, taking writers on a wild ride for the senses.

Just picture your pal lighting up one of these bad boys, filling the air with that old book smell or cozy library feels—perfect for getting in the writing zone. Whether they’re into “Pride and Prejudice,” “Moby-Dick,” or “Alice in Wonderland,” each candle brings the story’s vibe, from flowery gardens to ocean breezes.

Book of Spells - Old Book Lovers Candle - Antique Library Spellbook Scented Bookish Literary Gift for Bookworms, Readers, Writers, and Literature Bibliophile - 9oz Vegan Soy

And hey, these candles aren’t just about smell. They rock awesome designs that matchbook covers or themes. They’ll jazz up any writing corner or home, fitting the taste of classic literature buffs and modern novel addicts alike. A real high-five to their love for books.

Bottom line, these literary candles are the bomb gift for writers—practical, classy, and a total nod to their bookworm spirit.

9. Writing Prompts Jar

Seeking a meaningful gift for writers? Look to the writing prompts jar. Designed to spark creativity and beat writer’s block, it holds diverse prompts, a wellspring of inspiration.

In this jar, writers find ideas from simple sentences to intricate scenarios. It jumpstarts creativity, catering to all skill levels, from novels to journaling.

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Beyond inspiration, it adds unpredictability. Random prompts challenge writers to break routine, revitalizing work. It encourages genre exploration, a boon for stagnation.

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In short, the writing prompts jar is an exceptional gift. It sparks creativity, adds excitement to writing, making it perfect for writers in your life.

10. Literary-themed Jewelry

Literary-themed jewelry is a unique gift, tailored for writers to flaunt their love for literature and style. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings not only spark conversations but also inspire.

A top pick is jewelry adorned with quotes from famous authors or cherished books. These lines celebrate language’s power. A pendant might bear “She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain” (Louisa May Alcott) or “Not all those who wander are lost” (J.R.R. Tolkien).

Book Nerd Stud Earrings Glass Art Print Jewelry Charm Gifts for Her or Him Book Lover Teacher Librarian

Symbolic pieces also shine. A quill or typewriter key pendant subtly showcases a writer’s devotion. These symbols pay homage to writing’s artistry.

Visuals from beloved books charm too. Charms might depict scenes from classics like Alice in Wonderland or The Great Gatsby, adding a touch of whimsy and nostalgia.

Personalize by matching the writer’s style. Minimalist or bold, there’s a piece for everyone. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a way to express and celebrate their passion.

In short, literary jewelry is a meaningful gift for writers. More than adornments, they fuel creativity and style. A necklace, bracelet, or earrings – each piece embodies the love for language. So, if you’re seeking an exceptional gift for a writer, consider the magic of literary-themed jewelry.

11. Noise-Canceling Headphones with a Playlist

Empower writers to construct their personal haven of creativity by gifting them the ultimate companion: premium noise-canceling headphones. Elevate their experience by coupling these headphones with a meticulously curated playlist of mesmerizing instrumental melodies and immersive ambient sounds.

With this thoughtful duo, writers can seamlessly transcend the distractions of the external world, immersing themselves in an oasis of tranquility that amplifies their focus and catalyzes their creative flow. Whether they’re delving into the depths of fiction or unraveling the threads of nonfiction, this combination not only enriches their writing environment but also encapsulates your support for their literary endeavors.

12. Online Writing Course or Workshop

Elevate your writer friend’s skills with a meaningful gift: an online writing course guided by an esteemed author. This heartfelt gesture not only enhances their literary abilities but also sparks self-discovery and growth. As they embark on this creative journey, they’ll delve into their craft, master new techniques, and unravel narrative secrets.

Imagine their satisfaction as they absorb wisdom from a renowned literary figure. This experience isn’t just about skill refinement; it nurtures passion, ignites inspiration, and fosters connections with fellow writers. Workshop camaraderie often extends beyond the screen, creating a supportive community that celebrates each other’s milestones.

This gesture speaks volumes about your belief in their talent and growth. Embracing this gift, your friend enters a realm of creativity, sharpening skills, and expanding imagination. It’s a present that goes beyond material, leaving an indelible mark on their artistic journey.

13. Vintage or Unique Writing Implements

Gift your beloved writer an exquisite fountain pen, a timeless quill, or repurposed vintage typewriter keys turned into charming accessories. This gesture embodies classic allure and a profound connection to the art of writing. Imagine their joy as they feel the weight of a well-crafted pen, ink flowing effortlessly onto the page, breathing life into thoughts. Envision the whimsy of a quill, dipped into an inkwell, connecting to writers of bygone eras. And vintage typewriter keys, transformed into daily companions, pay homage to the written word.

These treasures aren’t just tools; they’re portals to the past, history woven with modern creativity. Carefully chosen, they mirror your appreciation, enhancing their writing experience with sophistication and nostalgia. As they write, they’ll sense the tokens’ resonance—the literature tapestry’s reminder and storytelling’s timeless magic. This gift captures their craft’s essence and your support for their journey.

14. Digital Notepad or E-Writer Tablet

Empower writers with a cutting-edge tool that seamlessly blends traditional writing with digital convenience. Capture ideas effortlessly, transitioning between mediums with ease. This modern marvel bridges artistry and innovation, a thoughtful gesture for their creative journey.

Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) – Now with a 6.8" display and adjustable warm

15. Literary Map of a Favorite City

Gift writers a meticulously crafted literary map of a city famed for its authors and literary heritage. This map isn’t just art; it’s an immersive journey into the city’s creative pulse. Imagine their delight in tracing streets once walked by literary giants, each corner holding stories and inspiration. It’s a portal to literary history, where street names carry the city’s narrative. With every glance, they’re reminded of words’ transformative power, turning cities into narratives.

This map prompts them to explore their own stories, drawing from the legacy of past authors. Whether on a desk, wall, or elegantly framed, it’s a perpetual muse, a testament to your understanding of their art. It’s a tangible link to a city’s literary soul, reminding that stories are waiting to be written, added to literature’s tapestry. A gift of passion, an invitation to embark on new creative journeys.

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16. Personal Library Kit

Indulge their bookish dreams with a personal library kit—a treasure trove of nostalgia complete with self-adhesive pockets, checkout cards, and a vintage-style date stamp. This enchanting gift taps into their love for literature, allowing them to curate their lending system and share cherished books with a touch of magic.

17. Custom Writer Action Figure

Infuse their workspace with creativity through a custom action figure portraying their writer’s alter ego. This charming miniature comes complete with symbolic details like tiny books, a laptop, or a typewriter, serving as a constant reminder of their passion and inspiring their daily creative endeavors.

18. Writer’s Meditation or Relaxation Kit

Elevate their creative spirit with a writer’s meditation kit, thoughtfully curated for tranquility and renewal. This collection includes soothing teas, scented candles, meditation prompts, and calming music—an oasis of calm designed to inspire relaxation and mindfulness.

19. Literary Puzzle or Board Game

Elevate their literary experience beyond writing with a captivating literary-themed puzzle or immersive board game. This thoughtful gift opens up a realm of interactive exploration, offering them a unique avenue to engage with literature from a fresh perspective.

As they delve into the intricate world of puzzles or immerse themselves in the strategic gameplay of a themed board game, they’ll discover new layers of storytelling and foster a deeper connection with the narratives they love. Whether they’re piecing together a puzzle that evokes the essence of a classic novel or strategizing their moves in a game that brings literary tales to life, this gift encapsulates the joy of literature in a dynamic and engaging manner, allowing them to unravel stories in a whole new dimension.

20. Personalized Bookplate Stamps

Empower writers to leave their indelible mark on their literary treasures with exquisite personalized bookplate stamps. These elegant stamps, engraved with their name and a touch of sophistication, go beyond mere identification—they become a statement of authorship and a testament to their creative legacy.

As they press these stamps onto the opening pages of their books, a sense of ownership and pride envelops them, a tangible representation of their dedication to the written word. This personalized touch not only adds an element of sophistication to their collection but also sparks conversations and imbues their literary works with a touch of their unique identity. With every stamped page, writers forge a connection with their creations, reminding them of the transformative power of their craft and the enduring impact of their words.


What are some creative gift ideas for writers?

Creative minds deserve creative gifts! Consider giving a stylish leather-bound journal, a vintage typewriter-inspired keyboard, or a subscription to a unique writing prompt service. A book of writing exercises, a cozy blanket for those long writing sessions, or a DIY bookmaking kit could also ignite their inspiration. Personalized coffee mugs with literary quotes or a custom-made writer’s desk organizer can add a thoughtful touch.

Where can I find personalized gifts for authors?

Look no further than specialty online shops and marketplaces like Etsy. You can find personalized leather notebooks with the writer’s name, engraved pens, or custom bookplates. A commissioned literary-themed artwork, a personalized book embosser, or even a custom-made writer’s tote bag are excellent choices. Don’t forget to explore local craft fairs and artisan markets for one-of-a-kind treasures.

Are there practical gifts that writers would appreciate?

Absolutely! Consider noise-canceling headphones to block distractions, ergonomic chairs for comfort, or a subscription to a helpful writing app. A stylish yet functional laptop stand, a cozy scarf to keep warm during late-night writing sessions, or a gift card to a favorite local café can be both practical and thoughtful.

What are unique gifts to spark a writer’s imagination?

To ignite their creativity, try a set of storytelling dice for impromptu ideas, a mystery or puzzle-solving game, or a deck of “writing prompt” cards. Enroll them in a writing workshop or retreat to inspire their craft. A vintage map to stimulate world-building, a unique scented candle for ambiance, or a subscription to a quirky literary magazine can also do wonders.

How do I choose the perfect gift for a writer friend?

Consider their preferences and writing style. Are they into poetry, fiction, or non-fiction? Think about their writing environment – cozy nook or bustling café? Reflect on any writing-related challenges they mention – could a particular tool or resource help them? A little detective work on their favorite authors or genres could guide them toward the right book or writing accessory. Ultimately, a gift that shows you understand and support their writing journey will surely resonate.

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