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sedona is in what county?


Sedona is located in Yavapai County, Arizona. Yavapai County is the second-largest county in Arizona and is known for its diverse landscapes, including the red rock formations found in Sedona. Sedona is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning natural beauty, outdoor recreational activities, and spiritual and wellness retreats. The county is also home to other notable attractions such as the Prescott National Forest and the historic town of Jerome.

Yavapai County is situated in the central part of Arizona and is bordered by Coconino County to the north, Gila County to the east, Maricopa County to the south, and La Paz and Mohave Counties to the west. The county seat is Prescott, which is located about 30 miles north of Sedona. Yavapai County offers a mix of urban and rural areas, with Prescott serving as the main urban center. The county is known for its rich history, outdoor recreational opportunities, and vibrant arts and culture scene.

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