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what county is bainbridge ga in?


Bainbridge, GA is located in Decatur County, which is situated in the southwestern part of the state of Georgia. Decatur County is bordered by the Flint River to the west and the Chattahoochee River to the east, making it a picturesque area with abundant natural beauty. The county seat is Bainbridge, which is also the largest city in the county.

Decatur County is known for its rich history and vibrant community. It offers a variety of recreational activities, including fishing, boating, and hunting, thanks to its proximity to the rivers and numerous lakes in the area. The county is also home to several parks and nature preserves, providing residents and visitors with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. With its small-town charm and friendly atmosphere, Bainbridge, GA, and Decatur County are great places to live, work, and explore.

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