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best coffee brand for cold brew


When it comes to making the perfect cold brew, choosing the right coffee brand is crucial. The flavor and quality of your cold brew will greatly depend on the beans you use. To help you find the best coffee brand for cold brew, here is a list of top contenders:

1. Stumptown Coffee Roasters: Known for their exceptional quality and commitment to sustainability, Stumptown Coffee Roasters offers a range of beans that are perfect for cold brew. Their Hair Bender blend, with its notes of chocolate and cherry, is particularly popular among cold brew enthusiasts.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee: With a focus on freshness and flavor, Blue Bottle Coffee is another excellent choice for cold brew. Their New Orleans-style cold brew kit, which includes a blend of beans with chicory, creates a rich and smooth cold brew experience that is hard to beat.

3. Intelligentsia Coffee: If you’re looking for a coffee brand that takes pride in sourcing and roasting their beans with precision, Intelligentsia Coffee is worth considering. Their Black Cat Classic Espresso blend, with its bold and chocolatey profile, makes for a delicious and robust cold brew.

Remember, the best coffee brand for cold brew ultimately depends on your personal taste preferences. Experiment with different brands and blends to find the perfect combination that satisfies your cold brew cravings. Happy brewing!

Ethan Mitchell
Ethan Mitchell
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