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what saw movie is the best


The Saw franchise is known for its intense and gruesome horror films, each with its own unique storyline and twisted traps. While opinions may vary, many fans consider “Saw” (2004) to be the best movie in the series. This is the film that started it all and introduced audiences to the sadistic Jigsaw killer and his intricate games. “Saw” is praised for its clever plot twists, suspenseful atmosphere, and memorable characters. It effectively combines psychological horror with gruesome gore, creating a chilling and unforgettable experience for viewers.

Another highly regarded installment in the Saw series is “Saw II” (2005). This film expands on the original concept and delves deeper into the twisted mind of Jigsaw. “Saw II” is often praised for its intricate and well-executed traps, which provide a constant sense of tension and dread. The movie also introduces new characters and further explores the moral dilemmas faced by the victims. With its intense pacing, shocking revelations, and a satisfying conclusion, “Saw II” is considered by many fans to be one of the strongest entries in the franchise.

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Grace Winters
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