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what is the best canning tomato


The best canning tomato is one that is meaty, flavorful, and has a good balance of acidity and sweetness. Some popular varieties for canning include Roma, San Marzano, and Amish Paste tomatoes.

Roma tomatoes are a classic choice for canning due to their dense flesh and low moisture content. They have a rich, tangy flavor and are known for their meaty texture, making them ideal for sauces, salsas, and tomato paste. Roma tomatoes also have a good balance of acidity and sweetness, which helps to enhance the flavor of canned goods.

San Marzano tomatoes are another excellent option for canning. These Italian heirloom tomatoes are prized for their sweet, complex flavor and low seed count. They have a firm, meaty texture and are known for their vibrant red color. San Marzano tomatoes are particularly well-suited for making tomato sauce and are often used in traditional Italian recipes.

Amish Paste tomatoes are a heirloom variety that is highly regarded for canning. They have a dense, meaty flesh and a sweet, tangy flavor. Amish Paste tomatoes are larger than Roma tomatoes and have a slightly irregular shape. They are excellent for making tomato sauce, salsa, and tomato paste, and their robust flavor adds depth to canned goods.

Ultimately, the best canning tomato will depend on personal preference and the specific recipe being used. However, Roma, San Marzano, and Amish Paste tomatoes are all reliable choices that offer excellent flavor and texture for canning purposes.

Riley Clarke
Riley Clarke
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