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what county is old hickory tn in?


Old Hickory, TN is located in Davidson County. Davidson County is situated in the state of Tennessee, in the United States. It is the second-most populous county in the state, with Nashville being its county seat. The county is named after William Lee Davidson, a North Carolina general who was killed in the American Revolutionary War. Davidson County is known for its vibrant music scene, as it is home to the country music capital of the world, Nashville. It is also a major center for healthcare, education, and government services in the region.

Old Hickory is a neighborhood within Davidson County, Tennessee. It is located on the eastern bank of the Cumberland River, approximately 14 miles northeast of downtown Nashville. The neighborhood is named after President Andrew Jackson, who was nicknamed “Old Hickory.” Old Hickory is known for its historic charm and scenic beauty, with many homes and buildings dating back to the early 20th century. It is a popular residential area, offering a mix of suburban and rural living, while still being close to the amenities and attractions of Nashville.

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