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richmond va is what county?


Richmond, VA is an independent city and is not located within any county. It is one of the few independent cities in the United States, meaning that it is not part of any county government. As an independent city, Richmond has its own local government and is not subject to the jurisdiction of any county government. This allows the city to have more control over its own affairs and to make decisions independently.

Being an independent city, Richmond has its own mayor, city council, and other local government officials. It is responsible for providing various services to its residents, such as public safety, education, transportation, and utilities. The city also has its own school system, police department, and other municipal services. While Richmond is not part of any county, it is surrounded by several counties in the state of Virginia, including Henrico County and Chesterfield County. These counties are separate entities with their own local governments and provide services to their own residents.

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