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best military apparel brands


When it comes to military apparel, quality and durability are of utmost importance. Whether you’re an active-duty service member, a veteran, or simply a fan of military-inspired fashion, finding the best brands is essential. To help you in your search, here is a list of some of the top military apparel brands available today:

1. 5.11 Tactical: Known for their innovative designs and high-performance gear, 5.11 Tactical offers a wide range of military apparel. From tactical pants and shirts to boots and backpacks, their products are built to withstand the toughest conditions.

2. Propper: With over 50 years of experience, Propper is a trusted name in military apparel. Their clothing is designed to meet strict military specifications, ensuring both functionality and durability. From uniforms and outerwear to accessories, Propper has you covered.

3. Under Armour: While not exclusively a military apparel brand, Under Armour offers a range of products that are popular among service members. Their tactical clothing line features moisture-wicking fabrics and ergonomic designs, making them ideal for intense physical activities.

4. Blackhawk: Specializing in tactical gear, Blackhawk offers a wide selection of military apparel. Their products are designed to provide maximum comfort and functionality, with features like reinforced stitching and adjustable closures.

5. Rothco: Known for their affordable yet reliable military apparel, Rothco offers a vast range of products. From camouflage clothing and boots to tactical gear and accessories, they have options for every budget.

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6. Tru-Spec: With a focus on quality and performance, Tru-Spec offers a variety of military apparel for both professionals and enthusiasts. Their clothing is designed to meet military specifications and is known for its durability and functionality.

7. Condor: Offering a range of tactical gear and apparel, Condor is a popular choice among military personnel. Their products are designed to withstand harsh conditions and provide optimal performance in the field.

8. Oakley: While primarily known for their eyewear, Oakley also offers a range of military apparel. Their clothing combines style with functionality, featuring moisture-wicking fabrics and ergonomic designs.

9. Arc’teryx: Although not exclusively a military apparel brand, Arc’teryx offers high-quality products that are favored by many service members. Their clothing is known for its durability, weather resistance, and innovative designs.

10. Patagonia: Another brand that is not solely focused on military apparel, Patagonia offers a range of outdoor clothing that

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