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best jigsaw puzzle brands


When it comes to jigsaw puzzles, not all brands are created equal. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzler or just starting out, investing in a high-quality puzzle can make all the difference in your experience. To help you find the best jigsaw puzzle brands out there, we’ve compiled a list of top contenders:

1. Ravensburger: Known for their exceptional quality and attention to detail, Ravensburger puzzles are a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts. With a wide range of designs and piece counts, their puzzles are made from thick, durable cardboard that ensures a satisfying fit.

2. Buffalo Games: Offering a diverse selection of puzzles, Buffalo Games is another top brand to consider. Their puzzles feature vibrant, eye-catching artwork and are made from premium materials. They also offer a unique “Puzzle Presto!” adhesive sheet that allows you to preserve and display your completed puzzle.

3. Springbok: If you’re looking for puzzles that are both challenging and visually stunning, Springbok is a brand worth exploring. Their puzzles are made from thick, sturdy pieces that fit together seamlessly. With a focus on intricate designs and vibrant colors, Springbok puzzles are sure to captivate puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.

4. Cobble Hill: With a commitment to sustainability, Cobble Hill puzzles are made from 100% recycled materials. Their puzzles feature a linen-textured finish that reduces glare and enhances the overall aesthetic. With a wide range of themes and difficulty levels, Cobble Hill puzzles are perfect for both beginners and experienced puzzlers.

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5. Eurographics: If you’re a fan of fine art, Eurographics puzzles are a must-have. Their puzzles showcase iconic works from renowned artists, allowing you to piece together masterpieces right at home. Made from high-quality materials, Eurographics puzzles offer a premium puzzle experience.

Remember, the best jigsaw puzzle brand for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences and skill level. Whether you’re drawn to challenging designs or prefer puzzles with a specific theme, there’s a brand out there that’s perfect for you. So grab your favorite puzzle and get ready to embark on a relaxing and rewarding journey of piecing together beautiful images.

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